Cyber Security Services

By following leading industry methodologies, you can rest assured of both the accuracy and integrity of the cyber security services provided by Cybergate.

Penetration Testing

Cybergate offer certified penetration testing services on a structured and professional basis to ensure that your site is impenetrable from external threats and attacks.

By simulating regular attacks we are able to assess the level of your immunity whilst demonstrating the resilience of your existing cyber security measures.

With each testing phase, we produce a high-level report from IT personnel and management which details the high, medium and low-risk vulnerabilities detected that are a threat to the business infrastructure.


We work with businesses to offer them an independent cyber security consultancy plus coaching and advice that helps you to identify the cyber security requirements of your organisation.

Like many industries, the benefits and competitive advantages gained through attaining internationally recognised standards and at Cybergate we are unique in the ability to work with businesses to ensure they are secure, compliant and certified.

We can work with your organisation to ensure that you are compliant with the cyber essentials scheme


Our independent security consultancy enables us to provide you with the coaching and advice that helps you to identify the cyber security needs of your business.

Our team of highly trained cyber security experts will scope out your penetration test requirements and PCI compliance needs so as to assess the general security of your networks and infrastructure.

With complete confidentially, we’ll visit your business to interview your staff and internal or outsourced IT department to identify where you may need training or bring in line with various industry standards .


Minimise the impact of unwanted threat and access with an effective protection plan that enables decisive action and prevents complete operational paralysis if a data breach occurs. A highly effective prevention approach starts with complete visibility and review of endpoints, networks, users and applications.

Back up services

Data and documentation is often the most valuable information stored both locally to a hard drive and on a company server. Although operating systems and applications can be restored, it might be extremely difficult if not impossible to retrieve data that is lost during a cyber-attack, if a suitable back up is not in place.


Protect your private network from access by unauthorised internet users with a firewall security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing traffic based on security rules that you determine.


Manage and remove unwanted software installed on networks and individual computers without consent. Types of malware include spyware, adware, viruses, Trojan horses, phishing, ransomware, worms, rootkits and browser hijackers.

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